Tickets. Swipe. Meet.

Have you ever wanted to attend an event, but couldn’t find someone to go with? Now there’s an app for that! WillCalled pairs ticket holders with ticket seekers! Music, Sports, Movies, Theater, and all other ticketed events are included.

We’re launching in Nashville, TN and pairing you with people who want to attend the same event. If you’re single and used to app dating, WillCalled will pair you with people who are interested in the same event.  No more wondering what to do or having to worry about where you’re going to meet. Take someone or have someone take you. Use Willcalled to find new friends, discover new events, win tickets, or make that special connection.


  • FREE to download and use
  • Simple registration with your email address
  • User interface makes it easy to add photos and details to your profile
  • Sign up now, pick and event, and find your matches!

Remember, we’re only in Nashville, TN at the moment....but your city is coming soon.  Sign up and be the first to know when WillCalled will be in your area. We’ll also have some exclusive offers coming for WillCalled users everywhere. 

Let’s Go!!!